Hi there! My name is Anna Kozaki.

In 2008, I opened a cake shop in Macau, Hoshizora Cake Shop. Hoshizora means starry sky in Japanese so it was also called Star Sky Cakes. The cakes were all order-made cakes and the most popular items were “portrait cakes”, which I drew faces, darling pets, and logos.

The shop was also featured in local newspapers and magazines in Macau. Most notably, a major Japanese TV station came to interview me for a popular TV program called “Gutto Chikyubin”.(グッと地球便)I’m very thankful for all the experience I had in Macau and all the kind-hearted people I met there.

Macau nightMacau

star sky cakes shop1Star Sky Cakes

Star Sky Cakes2Star Sky Cakes

In 2013, I moved the shop to Tokyo, Japan. There, I was making decorated cookies for special occasions like wedding ceremonies and birthday parties. As cookies could travel far, they went all over in Japan from Hokkaido to Okinawa. I was especially happy when the customers sent me their photos with the cookies and told me that they enjoyed their special day.

star sky cookies1Star Sky Cookies

star sky cookies2Star Sky Cookiesstar sky cookies3Star Sky Cookies

A few years later, I moved to Los Angeles, and finally re-opened my shop and I decided to focus on making granola. I actually have lost a few of my precious family members and friends due to illnesses over the last decade, and I more and more feel how important it is to have a good health. One of the things I strongly believe is that there are too many foods in this world that are full of excessively processed ingredients and artificial additives and they are affecting people’s health. Especially if it’s something you eat every day, like cereal for breakfast, it’s better to choose the ones that are less processed without unnecessary additives.

I tried thousands of times to create my original granola and I finally found my favorite recipe. The ingredients are all certified organic, vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free without any artificial additives, refined sugar or salt. I hope that more and more people try Star Sky Granola and have a healthier & happier life.

 Star Sky Granola